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In Page Urdu 2.4 2000 Professional Edition Improved


In Page Urdu 2.4 2000 Professional Edition Improved

Inpage 2.4 2000 for Urdu Arabic etc editing, publishing, & exporting Urdu to CorelDRAW

Text Features
Outline Text
Automatic Kerning in Nastaliq text so as to remove extra interword space
to give a calligrapher style outlook to the text.
Automatic Kashida Insertion for arabic fonts Spell Check for Urdu language
Word Count/Character Count for the selected text chain
Indexing and Table of Contents of English and Urdu Text• Wrap around of text around Circular objects
Paste Special
Rotation of text at any angle
Sorting of Urdu and English Text

Drag and Drop of Text
Additional Noori Nastaliq Bold Font ( to be given in 2.1 as free upgrade)
Additional Nastaliq font in Lahori Nastaliq

Object Features

Linking/Unlinking of Text boxes
Automatic lines between textbox columns
Round Textbox
Styles of Borders
Paste Special
Rotation of object at any angle
Polygon Tool
Rotation of Picture boxes and pictures
Grouping and Ungrouping of Objects
Complete support for OLE as a client
Complete support for InPage as an OLE server
Picture Features
Brightness and Contrast Controls of Pictures
Mirror of Pictures
Centering of Pictures
Pictures Preview before opening them

Printing Features
• CMYK Color Separation by exporting the page as CMYK EPS file.

Language Features
• Support for Kashmiri, Pushtu and Hazargi Languages.

• Multiple User Defined Keyboards
• Support for CMYK colors
• Automatic Backup of document files
• Generation of more than one backup files
• Many more border/line patterns
• Complete support for inserting

To Download Inpage 2.4 2000 Professional Edition (improved) Send An Email To and Request For Download Link. (Please Note That We Provide Software To Our Registered Users Only)


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